Medical Expertise and Editorial Process

A picture of a scientists doing medical research

At WeatherWell, we make sure to turn complex facts and concepts into easily digestible, trustworthy, and clear content pieces. Your well-being and your own experience are key to using our mobile and web products to their fullest.

All our content is aiming to be evidence-based, up-to-date, and reviewed by professionals. We have several teams responsible for content quality assurance in their own respective fields — doctors, editors and proofreaders, legal experts.

Each piece of content is researched and reviewed up-to-date sources of information, such as medical research databases, as well as the websites of international health organizations like WHO and NHS.

Medical board

Photo of Olga Sadouskaya, MD

Olga Sadouskaya, MD

Clinical Pharmacologist, Chief Medical Officer

Photo of Andrew Belaveshkin, MD, PhD

Andrew Belaveshkin, MD, PhD

Intensive Care Medicine Specialist, Medical advisor

Photo of Megan Soliman MD, MSc

Megan Soliman MD, MSc

Board-certified physician at Saba University School of Medicine

Photo of David Schultz

David Schultz

Professor of Synoptic Meteorology, The University of Manchester

Absence of ads

For the information we provide to be as unbiased and independent as possible, we’ve chosen not to include any ads or sponsored materials in our content.