A man sitting in the snow in a t-shirt and shorts to ​​build cold tolerance
ActivitiesMarch 24, 2023
A cup of coffee, a folder with documents, and a phone as metaphors for productivity and the way seasons affect memory
ActivitiesMarch 22, 2023
Plants with dew drops to illustrate dew point in weather
ActivitiesMarch 22, 2023
A weather-sensitive woman with an umbrella surrounded by various weather triggers like air pressure and humidity
ActivitiesMarch 21, 2023
A woman soaking up the sun with a hat and sunscreen on to protect herself from UV rays
ActivitiesMarch 20, 2023
A dead plant illustrating acid rain effects on the environment
ActivitiesMarch 16, 2023
A woman wrapped in a blanket on a beach feeling cold and getting chills in hot weather
ActivitiesMarch 16, 2023
A man wearing a thick coat, hat, and scarf to prevent hypothermia when being outside in winter
ActivitiesMarch 15, 2023
A check-list of winter preparations like cleaning the fireplace and stocking up on candles
ActivitiesMarch 13, 2023
A dog and a snowman as a metaphor for having to pee a lot when it's cold
ActivitiesMarch 10, 2023
Winter hat and tea vs. summer hat and iced water as a metaphor for hot and cold body temperature swings
ActivitiesMarch 10, 2023
Rotting fruit and dirty dishes attracting tiny gnats and fruits flies in the house
ActivitiesMarch 9, 2023
A toaster, a glass of water, a cup of coffee, and a coffee maker as metaphors for a summer morning routine
ActivitiesMarch 6, 2023
A vacuum cleaner cleaning air ducts
ActivitiesMarch 2, 2023
A heater, a cup of tea, and a stack of blankets as a way to illustrate the ideal room temperature settings in winter
ActivitiesFebruary 22, 2023
A woman wrapped in a heated blanket sitting near a window with snow outside
ActivitiesFebruary 21, 2023
A wilted flower and a melting candle to illustrate extreme heat
ActivitiesFebruary 20, 2023
A pregnant woman drinking water to stay cool in the summer
ActivitiesFebruary 9, 2023
A woman drinking water in the sun to prevent heat exhaustion
ActivitiesFebruary 3, 2023
A woman sitting in front of a fan to prevent heat intolerance
ActivitiesJanuary 30, 2023
A man and a woman working in the heat
ActivitiesJanuary 27, 2023
Insulated windows that don't let the cold air in as one of the ways to winterize your house
ActivitiesJanuary 25, 2023
A woman with a tick attached to her skin and a close-up of how to safely remove it
ActivitiesJanuary 19, 2023