A cat, dust, and dandelion as some of the things that can trigger a sneezing attack
AllergiesMarch 24, 2023
An air purifier in a living room cleaning indoor air from allergens
AllergiesMarch 24, 2023
A work desk with a dusty computer and a camel to represent Saharan dust storms
AsthmaMarch 23, 2023
A calendar, tissues, and allergy medicines to illustrate the change of weather
AllergiesMarch 23, 2023
A box of tissues, nose spray, and an inhaler as some of the ways to manage asthma and allergies next to a pair of lungs
AsthmaMarch 22, 2023
A woman trying to treat a cold in the summer
Colds and VirusesMarch 22, 2023
Houses with smoke coming out of their chimneys to illustrate winter air pollution
AsthmaMarch 21, 2023
A box of tissues, a nose spray, and some meds under an umbrella to illustrate the connection between rain and allergies
AllergiesMarch 21, 2023
A man lying in a field surrounded by spring allergies triggers
AllergiesMarch 17, 2023
A man with an inhaler surrounded by household and industrial asthma triggers
AsthmaMarch 17, 2023
A home office with lots of plants for a better indoor air quality
AllergiesMarch 16, 2023
A woman at home on a sofa when there is smog outside
AsthmaMarch 16, 2023
A box of tissues, an air purifier, and a picture frame with a woman breathing easily to illustrate how air purifiers can improve allergy symptoms
AllergiesMarch 13, 2023
A woman sitting in front of a window with an air purifier behind her to improve symptoms of winter allergies
AllergiesMarch 9, 2023
A man having stomach ache due to typhoid fever surrounded to contaminated food
Colds and VirusesMarch 3, 2023
A person in a hat sitting in a boat with a throw ring that looks like a stye
Colds and VirusesFebruary 24, 2023
A nose spray and medication for summer colds or allergies
Colds and VirusesFebruary 24, 2023
Halloween pumpkins and a box of tissues as a metaphor for November allergies
AllergiesFebruary 23, 2023
A woman on a sofa with flu symptoms
Colds and VirusesFebruary 23, 2023
A pair of mittens and an inhaler to treat asthma in the cold
AsthmaFebruary 22, 2023
A dumbbell and a fish as a metaphor for a healthy lifestyle to avoid getting sick in winter
Colds and VirusesFebruary 21, 2023
A woman in a bubble protected against viruses and bacteria after getting a flu shot
Colds and VirusesFebruary 17, 2023
A woman experiencing asthma symptoms because of weather triggers
AsthmaFebruary 15, 2023
A woman sneezing from looking at the sun
AllergiesFebruary 3, 2023
A woman sitting at the table with a box of tissues, having winter sinusitis symptoms
Colds and VirusesJanuary 31, 2023
Plants and a humidifier to improve dry air at home
AllergiesJanuary 10, 2023