About Us

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We are WeatherWell — the first weather app that cares about your well-being. We combine world-class weather predictions with scientific algorithms and medical expertise to help weather-sensitive people around the world feel healthier and embrace active living.

Accurate Weather Data

Whatever the weather, we’ve got everything you need to feel well! Get hourly and 72-hour weather forecasts for your area and monitor the conditions that can influence your health.

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Your Daily Health Forecast

Manage your well-being in any weather. WeatherWell will send you personalized health insights and useful tips that reflect your current conditions.

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An On-Demand History Of Your Health

WeatherWell’s easy-to-use Logbook allows you to record how you feel during different weather conditions.

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No More Rainchecks – Plan With Confidence!

Regular notifications help you stay informed about upcoming weather trends that may affect you, so you can plan ahead knowing that your well-being will be protected no matter the conditions!

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Developed By Experts, Backed By Science

Our team of scientists and medical experts collaborated with world-renowned institutions like The University of Manchester to develop WeatherWell, examining the results of 800+ peer-reviewed research papers and studies.

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Experience A New Kind Of Weather-Tech

Like the climate, WeatherWell is constantly changing: the app notes your interactions and uses the data to refine your future insights, provide more accurate forecasts and identify health patterns.



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